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    Intuitive Life Coaching for Creatives, Seekers, Empaths & HSPs

​Are you a Creative, someone who sees things differently and follows the path less taken, or perhaps a
​        Seeker, someone who sees life as a journey and desires to explore the unseen realms?

Are you Sensitive to the energy of others and the subtleties of the environment around you? 
        Someone who identifies as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person?

​Are you someone who explores the inner world and outer world, desiring tools to navigate both?
​        Are you wanting to better understand your sensitivities and to see them as your gifts?

​Are you tired of feeling misunderstood, called too sensitive, feeling like others don't get you?
​        Tired of how insensitive others can be to how their actions impact others and the world?
            ** If you answered YES to any of these, scroll down to learn more. You are not alone! **

Welcome to Be Alchemy! 

I am so grateful to able to support my fellow Creatives, Seekers, Empaths & HSPs

Welcome! I'm so glad you found my page. 

As a Certified Dream Coach® and Intuitive Life Coach I love supporting other seekers, creative, empathic, energetically sensitive and highly sensitive folks like me! 

It took me years to realize how much more subtle energies I picked up on, and often  took in, from people and places than most. I spent much of my early life not knowing what was mine and what was other people's and I was also sick quite a lot. That, along with my creative and curious nature, lead me on a path of healing, inquiry and self-discovery. 

Over the years I have read lots of helpful books, attended many amazing workshops and trainings and acquired so many wonderful skills, tools and insights on how to better navigate the world as an empath and HSP with all of my sensitivities... that, as many of you may relate, at times have felt like more like challenges than gifts. 

I am so honored and delighted to now be able to share what I have learned with others like me, and to be a place of empathy and support to those on a similar journey. 

Why Be Alchemy?

I believe that we are all Alchemists, co-creating the life that we desire with the energy of the Universe, always in conversation. I believe that we are all on a journey and an important part of that journey involves deep listening - to our bodies, to the clues that we receive and to our own inner guidance. 

Living in a world that focuses so much on output, productivity and doing, it is essential that we also take time to honor and embrace the being. Being connects us back to our breath, encourages us to expand, helps us to feel grounded in the present moment. Taking time to turn inward and to tune in is so incredibly important, especially to those who identify as highly sensitive, creative or empathic. 

To 'Be' Alchemy is a way of looking at life, to tune in, be present and to listen. To Be 'Alchemy' is to see life through the lens of an alchemist, as someone able to take whatever life brings them and transform and transmute it to find the gift, the gold, that is within. 


My desire is to help you tap in to your inner alchemist, to create and co-create a life that speaks to your truth and values, uniquely designed to bring you the greatest sense of peace, joy and aliveness. 

If you feel a resonance with what I have shared and would like to explore whether I might be the right person to support you on your journey please click on the contact me button and we can set up a discovery call to see if we are a good fit!            

Be Alchemy with Amy B. 

Hi there, My name is Amy and I'm excited to have you here.  I am a certified Dream Coach

, focusing on supporting the dreamer in you to create the life you want, through Marcia Wieder's program, and have studied other personal growth, energetic and healing modalities. I tend to work in a more intuitive way that also draws from the many different trainings I have had. As a coach, I work more from an energetic, somatic and soul-oriented, rather than goal oriented, approach that works to help align clients  with the life that they want, that feels authentic and enriching to them.

A Full Spectrum Whole Self Approach 

I believe that all parts of you are welcome!  I take a full spectrum, holistic, energetic, somatic and embodied approach to the way I work with clients. I believe we are so much more than just our minds and our thoughts. It is my goal to create a safe space where you can drop in, relax and feel secure knowing that all of you will be held with great care and regard.  My desire is to support you in becoming your most aligned and authentic self and to design a meaningful life that nourishes your spirit. If you are on a journey of self discovery, I would be honored to support you on your path.

Perspective Matters - A Short Story

When I was a little girl my first grade class went on a school trip to the local science museum. After the tour we stopped at the gift shop and since my parents hadn't given me any money I decided to wait outside. As I stood there, I turned and noticed a beautiful glass triangle in the window display. Haven never seen a prism before, I ducked down to look at it more closely and as I did, I tipped my head, and to my amazement, a rainbow popped out at me! Something inside of me lit up with recognition, as if it was reflecting a deep wisdom my soul had always known. 

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